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October 2019
Completion of practice-based PhD: "An Investigation of Performative Interaction and Performer Embodiment on an Augmented Stage"
The Mixed Reality Lab, Nottingham University.
Download thesis
Documentation of practice-based research: Kinectic.net

June 2016
PhD Research demonstration: iMorphia, Live Performance, Film Free and Easy, Primary, Nottingham

9th Jan 2014 - 7th Feb 2014
The Mimetic Starfish ("Millie") in Since 1843: In the Making, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University.

31st Oct 2013 - Jan 19th 2014

Processing - collaboration with Frank Abbott, installation at Nottingham Castle.
System design and programming (Processing) of responsive kinetic control system, puppeteered via MIDI.
Opening Night Performance

February 2013
Quantum Pearl in Nesta Artists Showcase

January 2013
"Painting with light" interactive lighting collaboration with Raphael Daden

The Mimetic Starfish exhibited at the last Emocao Art.ficial (6.0) Biennial in Sao Paolo, Brazil....

Emocao Art.ficial 6.0
YouTube Video

17 February - 17 March 2012
Electrochemical Glass exhibited by The Hidden Noise at "Objections to an Empty Mind" alongside the amazing Osman Austin Spare...

28-30 September 2011

Archive documentation of the 80's Roboshow Enterprise was online in 2011 for the Rewire conference Liverpool



Strange Attractor Salon 7-31 January 2010: The Electrochemical Glass and The Electrochemical Synthesiser

Artists: Joel Biroco * Richard Brown * Ossian Brown * John Coulthart * Rod Dickinson * Disinformation * Tessa Farmer *Blue Firth * Alison Gill * Doug Harvey * Josephine Harvatt * Stewart Home * Julian House * Ali Hutchinson * Alyssa Joye * Maud Larsson John Lundberg * Eleanor Morgan * Drew Mulholland * Katie Owens * Edwin Pouncey * Arik Roper * Gavin Semple * Martin Sexton * Catharyne Ward * Eric Wright *

25/3/08 Pask Present - a collaborative exhibition inspired by the work of Gordon Pask opens in Vienna, a development of Maverick Machines

                  Static Machine

24/7/07 Maverick Machines - an exhibition inspired by the work of Gordon Pask opens in Edinburgh



Mimetic Lighting Controller

Proximity Responsive Lighting Device, UK Patent GB2420457

Lyre Bird (2005)

Interactive Sound Space
Permanent installation in the entrance of Perth Concert Hall, Scotland, September 2005.

mimesia (2004)

Real-time interactive "paintings" using games engine technology.
In House of Tomorrow, 2004-2005 by Experimenta

The Mimetic Starfish (2000-2012)
The mimetic starfish looks and behaves as if it were alive,
its tentacles reaching out to the visitors hands...

It is an example of Artificial-Life that is both engaging and provocative.

Biotica: Immersive A-Life Installation (2000)

Alembic: Alchemical Distillation (1997)

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