Lyre Bird

  Commisioned for Threshold, Horsecross, Perth Concert Hall, Scotland

Conceived by Richard Brown, created in collaboration with sound artists:
Marc Langsman, Matt Green and Andrew Henley.
Physical realisation by Steve Jones.

The Lyre Bird installation uses 16 PIR sensors to control a minimac programmed in MAX MSP to deliver a range of interactive soundscapes which can be updated remotely.


As people walk through the space, their movements trigger sound patterns according to movement, speed and direction.
Soundscapes change over time, or can be actioned remotely.
Each interactive soundscape responds to peoples movements in differing ways, from the urgent pulsing sound of a games arcade, to the agitated sound of a swarm of bees.

click for movie (4Mb)

Horsecross, Perth Concert Hall
Hamilton and Ashrowan
Threshold System